Tran is a 48-year-old woman with a new diagnosis of breast cancer. Tran is married and has a son and daughter.

During her breast cancer surgery, Tran will be sedated and unconscious. Because she is temporarily incapable, her SDM will be asked to consent if decisions must be made.

ACP for Tran involves the identification of her SDM, learning about her breast cancer and thinking about what is important to her.

Her automatic SDM is her husband.

Tran and her cancer team are hopeful she can be cured. They hope all of the cancer cells will be taken out of her body during the surgery. During the surgery the doctors will check to see if the cancer has spread in her body. After the surgery, it will be important for Tran to have another discussion with her cancer team to learn about what she can expect next including if other treatments are needed.

The most important value to Tran is family. To Tran, she does not need be able interact with her family in any way. Just being present with her family brings her so much joy