ACP for Adults Living with Chronic or Serious Illnesses

When you have chronic or serious health condition(s), ACP includes learning about those conditions and how they may affect your life over time.

Knowing what you can expect to happen over time, will allow you and your SDM to talk about it and prepare. ACP will have three main parts:

  1. Identifying your substitute decision-maker
  2. Learning about your health conditions
  3. Thinking about your values, beliefs and wishes as they relate to future healthcare needs

This is Bob. He is 76 years old. Bob has been told his trouble breathing is because he has heart failure.

Bob's wife died 6 years ago and he has 3 children.

Tran is 48 years old. She recently found a lump in her breast. She has been told that it is early stage breast cancer and is now preparing for surgery.

Tran is married and has a son and daughter.



Both Bob and Tran have health conditions so ACP will include learning about their condition. Bob has heart failure. ACP conversations would include learning what heart failure is and how it will affect his life.

Tran has recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. ACP conversations might include learning about the disease and what she can expect to happen in the future. It may also include a discussion about whether her breast cancer can be cured.